Announcing Artist’s Advice | 1. MM Meleen

18 May 2017


The Queen’s Sword has a new feature! And I am very happy to say MM Meleen is the one going to kick off this new column.
In Artist’s Advice (If you have a much cooler name, I am aaaaalll for it :D) deck designers and tarot/divination authors share unique material: reading tips, tarot background material…you name it! They give The Queen’s Sword readers original tips while showcasing their newest release; deck or book. For you this means a sneak peek & great content in one: tools to make you a better diviner.

Little extra: while this won’t be an ‘always’, The Queen’s Sword might (later) add a mini-review of said book or deck if I happen to have a (review) copy. Those will be published – pro’s and con’s  – on the The Queen’s Sword Facebook page.

So…this new feature. Details?

When: June 6th 2017.
Who: MM Meleen.
What: Let’s face it…telling you will spoil the surprise! Join me on June 6th, the first Tarot Tuesday of the month for this amazing Tarot Tuesday Tip and discover her wisdom for yourself. I am pretty sure the genius MM Meleen won’t disappoint.
Which: In the first Artist’s Advice (can we make this trending? #artistsadvice #tarottuesdaytip #thequeenssword) of 2017 MM Meleen will give her unique insight with one of her latest tarot decks: Tabula Mundi Colores Arcus and the Decan Expansion pack. Exclusively for The Queen’s Sword.

Showcase and tip article in one!

Want to contribute?
Do you have a book or deck release soon (or did you release very recently in the last half year) and would you like to see if showcasing your work via The Queen’s Sword could be something for you, contact me.