Time Between Times Tarot in spring 2017

14 December 2015

Time between times tarot picked up by Lo ScarabeoLo Scarabeo has picked up a new deck by Chris Butler, the designer of the Quantum tarot 2.0, Son Tarot (for Gay men) and Lenormand Cartomancy (2013). The Time Between Times Tarot will be published in the Spring of 2017 and is centered around the concept of the Healing Mandorla and Divine Feminine Wisdom.

Overlap in material and spiritual world

A Mandorla is an almond shaped space created by two overlapping circles. The shape is seen in Western Sacred Art (f.e in relation to the Virgin Mary) and has found its way on traditional tarot images as well (World Card). Where the material world and spiritual world overlap, there’s the healing space, You’ll find one on each major or minor card, bearing a specific symbolic message.
According to Butler, the Mandorla is also a powerful symbol of the Divine Feminine, which means that the cards energy is meant to be gentle and nurturing.


Time between times

The healing sphere is an important theme, but the deck also celebrates the Celtic ‘Time between Times’, hence the name. This was the Celts’ term for Dusk and Dawn. The time when it is neither night or day and the veil between the physical and spiritual world is at its thinnest. The Time between Times was the time for visions, revelations and Divine encounters. That’s why all the scenes occur in neither day or night but more in the twilight where the light is beginning to grow. This new light and the shadows is definitely something you can see in the artwork.

For more information check the designers blog The Sacred Tarot.