TdM Month Giveaway | Enter now!

25 September 2016
This is the post on The Queen's Sword Facebook page you need to like and respond too. Sharing and liking the actual page are appreciated but not necessary to win.

This is the post on The Queen’s Sword Facebook page you need to like and respond to. Sharing and liking the pages of Weiser & The Queen’s Sword is appreciated.

Remember that awesome TdM Month Giveaway with two books and a deck as a celebration of Tarot de Marseille month? Three wonderful publications by Red Wheel/Weiser (check their reviews on the site!)?
Well, the Tarot de Marseille month is not over yet as you could see with yesterday’s review about Tarot Triumphs. And I have two other amazing publications coming.

That giveaway campaign starts NOW!

What to do? Hurry over on to my Facebook page and simply follow the instructions on the picture (see here on the left too).
Don’t know where my Facebook page is?! Shame on you! You’re about to change that and never miss a post again! So, let me help you out with step 1. Here’s The Queen’s Sword Facebook page. Go there and like the GIVEAWAY post. Then answer the question about your favorite review or article on The Queen’s Sword in the comments and you’re done.

Woobox will pick the winner. Make sure you've liked the post & commented with your favorite article on The Queen's Sword

Woobox will pick the winner. Make sure you’ve liked AND commented on the post.

You can enter until coming Friday September 30th 13.00pm CET. The winner will be announced that evening and be drawn via Woobox, so it all goes fair and square :D.

In case I am not able to tag the winner, please visit the Facebook page on Saturday (or Friday evening) to make sure you haven’t missed the post. In any case, the lucky one needs to contact me via e-mail so I can send your address to my friends at Red Wheel/Weiser to get you your package :D.