Tarot Recipes | Tarot by the mouthful

18 January 2016

Tarot recipes via tarot by the MouthfulMaking an exception for my Multimedia menu because I just could not get over this awesome special called Tarot by The Mouthful by The Tarot Lady and her partner in crime, tv-cook, Kyle Cherek. It’s a ‘had to share’ and since it was originally supposed to be a multimedia thing I am going to pretend it fits here perfectly. Tarot by The Mouthful gives you very nice recipes based on the 78 cards in the Waite-Smith deck. Tarot and food? Yes, tarot and food. Tarot recipes! Perhaps one day they will humor me and add video,  instead of text & pictures, where they show us how to make that The Fool-souffle or The Temperance-cocktail.
But for now, it is still a must-read for foodies who enjoy a little tarot with their meal!

Tarot by the mouthful – tarot recipes