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If you’re about to travel the road to traditional tarot like Marseille…or Ancient Italy (or have done so years ago) and don’t have the $/€ to spend on books, Tarot Heritage is certainly the way to go. Hell, even if you *are* spending wads of cash, this is a must-see site. Tarot Heritage is the brain-child of Sherryl E. Smith and completely dedicated to Tarot decks between the 15th and early 19th century. In other words: Tarot de Marseille & Ancient Italian decks galore! There’s a history menu, an amazing Cartomancy…

Perrin Tarot / Tarocchi Perrin | Review
Decks , Review , Tarot / 10 August 2016

If you want to have gorgeous reproductions of ancient decks there are only a few ‘addresses’ in the world. One of them is the ‘webshop’ of Rinascimento and art-historian Giordano Berti. And with the Tarocchi Perrin, recently released, they offered the tarot world yet another faithful remake. The Perrin Tarot only has 600 copies. Should you stand in line for one? I’ll tell you. As always, a Berti reproduction comes in a beautiful book-box, designed by artist Letizia Rivetti. The tobacco-colored paper, gold speckles and caramel ribbon make this box look very luxurious and a show-stopper in any tarot cupboard. The front has a World card sticker with Tarocchi Perrin written on top of it. Once opened you see the inner red velvet lining holding booklet and deck with its cream-colored band. Sturdy & smooth The Perrin Tarot is a deck on the smaller side (11,5×6,8cm). The cards have a back with black & white little diamonds and, if that is your thing, can be used in reverse. It’s printed on sturdy paper with a very smooth linen finish. If you ask me the card-stock is every reader’s dream: thick enough, still flexible, smooth, not sticky or slippery and with…

Sneak Peek: ‘psychological’ Nightscape Tarot
Interview , News , Sneak peek , Tarot / 31 May 2016

While researching on new(s) items for The Queen’s Sword I see a lot of decks, but I can never fully suppress that tinge of excitement when I discover work that I like and think others will too. The Nightscape Tarot is such a work. It is still in its early stages and made by a couple: designer Molly Greenlee and tarot reader and soon PhD Jungian Depth Psychology Dylan Hoffman. An interview with Greenlee about everything Nightscape and of course a sneak peek of the images.

Sneak peek: New Choice Tarot

You can discover so much when cruising around Instagram (also it helps if someone tags you. Thx, LB!). In this case I noticed a new tarot artist and one that has taken it upon himself to make a contemporary version of one of the most treasured systems around: the Tarot de Marseille. (Did you hear that gasp too?) Artist Rosario Salerno is primarily a sculptor but came into contact with tarot at a very young age already. For the longest time he stopped reading after his priest told him he was dealing with the devil. But last year, luckily not being pestered by religious interdictions anymore, he was reminded of his love for the cards again and that made him decide to get reacquainted with a deck. This time as an art-project. The New Choice Tarot is the result and Salerno is already quite far with his prints. Jodorowsky’s Tarot bible The designer chose to make a version of the Tarot of Marseilles after reading The Way of Tarot by Alejandro Jodorowsky and Marianne Costa. In an interview with Tarot T-shirts (some of his work is used for prints) he said: “Jodorowsky has not only written this bible of Tarot, but…