The Art of Lenormand Reading | Book Review
Books , Lenormand , Review / 8 July 2018

Alexandre Musruck is one of the better known names in the Lenormand world. The reader behind Angel Cartomancy self-published his The Art of Lenormand Reading – Decoding powerful messages in 2016 and was recently picked up by Schiffer Books/Red Feather for a mass market reproduction of said book, including a deck created of the accompanying Lenormand examples. This review comes in two parts, the book and the deck. In this second part: The Art of Lenormand Reading – Decoding powerful messages, mass market edition. The most important question anyone always asks when a former self-published title goes to market is: “Is this book any different from [the one I already have/the first one]”. Quite often that query results in a resounding no, other than a new design. But when it comes to Schiffer’s The Art of Lenormand Reading – Decoding powerful messages the author indeed added a special section called “The Secret Power of each the 36 Lenormand cards”. These are meanings that will definitely help you in a Grand Tableau. But let’s start with a more general idea of what Alexandre Musruck’s Lenormand title is all about. French school The Art of Lenormand Reading – Decoding powerful messages, from…

Develop your ESP (psychic development) | Review
Books , Cleansing , Psychic development , Review / 21 January 2017

When the Tarosophy Tarot Association opened a sister Psychic Development group to their 24k members counting tarot FB page it was no surprise the Psychic group saw thousands of people clicking ‘become a member’ fast. Many tarot readers see themselves as psychic or at least think that our intuition comes into play when reading the cards. After all: ‘there’s more between heaven and earth’ and ‘we are all psychic but some of us aren’t aware/are just more aware’ is a comment made often by those entertaining divination.

Nina Ashby, author of Develop your ESP. A quick and easy way to become psychic uses exactly that last thought to ease us into her guide to ‘paranormal powe…

A Mystic Guide to Cleansing & Clearing | Review
Books , Cleansing , Mindfulness , Review / 26 June 2016

How to clear or cleanse your tarot deck or yourself is a much asked question in Facebook groups like Tarot Professionals. Not everyone does it, but many of us spiritual workers do think that being aware of energy around us is an important practice. Enter David Salisbury’s A mystic guide to cleansing & clearing. Salisbury wrote a so-called Cleansing Introduction and while I at first thought it would be specifically catering to Pagans I soon realized this book needed a place on The Queen’s Sword due to its usefulness in a broader sense.