Sneak peek: Soulful Woman Guidance Cards

12 April 2016

Soulful Woman Guidance CardsSorry guys…unless you feel like decks specifically catering to women can be of help to you, you’d have to sit this one out. Soulful Women Guidance Cards is an oracle deck by Shushann Movsessian & Gemma Summers and intended to give nurturance, empowerment and inspiration for the ‘Feminine Soul’

It’s a deck with 48 cards (LWB has 80 pages) focusing on the so-called sacred feminine, universal feminine power, that is a nourishing energy embracing all of humanity. The Soulful Woman Guidance Cards are intended to inspire and nurture your soul and will help you manifest that sacred energy for yourself.

The cards in the Soulful Woman Guidance deck show women’s faces in different settings, drawn by 26 different female artists. Each of the cards has a powerful affirmation to work with. If you need some help trusting in the universe or divine timing, this could be the deck for you if I am to trust the blurb ;-).


What I think based on the cards, is that it could be an ideal deck if you need something uplifting and work from there. And I might even suggest to take a look, even if you’re not (yet) soulful. Perhaps the sneak peek into the booklet of Soulful Woman Guidance will help you decide to put it on your wish list. It definitely has some stunning pictures and you won’t need to learn a whole system, text is already provided. My guess: perfect by for those who meditate on cards or pull an advice card every now and then with their readings.

Scheduled release by Blue Angel Publishing is August 2016 in Australia.