Sneak peek: Inner Journey Tarot

12 April 2016

13001082_174618246264711_1409334795179498983_nYouTube Tarot sensation and reader Angelo Nasios and fantasy artist Jon Carraher started working on a tarot deck a year ago. The Inner Journey Tarot, as they call the deck, was birthed during a class at a Tarot School somewhere in the US and the first card was made public today.

The Inner Journey Tarot is the first ever tarot deck to take you *inside* the tarot. By using the deck you can experience each card from the first person point of view. So you will see how that ravine is looking from the Fool’s eyes or to whom or what the Queen of Sword is holding her hand out.

Inner Journey Tarot XVI The Tower

Inner Journey Tarot, the first card revealed: XVI The Tower

First card revealed
The dreaded XVI The Tower is the first of many cards being showed. Experience the fall first-hand on this card. Ah, and from the looks of it the deck is inspired by Waite-Smith, it has a slim black border and no title. Just numerals.

Interested in more? I am! Overtime the duo will show more cards and you can follow the deck’s progress on the Facebook page of The Inner Journey Tarot.

Ps. Angelo Nasios can add ‘author’ to his already impressive CV. Tarot Unlocking the Arcana will soon be released by Schiffer and you can already pre-order Tarot Unlocking the Arcana on Amazon. Review will follow as soon as it arrives at my castle.

Update: Here’s the review on Tarot Unlocking the Arcana