Sneak peek: Gospel of Aradia Oracle

12 April 2016

Gospel of Aradia Cover boxA sneak peek of a deck that is ready for order, because The Gospel of Aradia can become available at any moment and be on its way to your home. This oracle deck, by Stacey Demarco & Jimmy Manton, honors the mystery of the story of Aradia, a spiritual legend from the Middle Ages.

The Gospel of Aradia is a 34 card deck, that comes with a guidebook in a hardcover box (like all by Blue Angel). It revolves around Aradia, a woman that some claim to be a goddess and others are convinced she was a woman of flesh and blood. Perhaps she was the first witch, or even leader of a resistance movement.

Spiritual growth
No-one really knows, it remains a mystery. But what is known, is that she played a role as a spiritual mentor and role model for women in medieval Italy (and the rest of Europe).



The Gospel of Aradia focuses on her teachings and therefore also on spiritual growth and making obstacles moments of opportunities. With the oracle you’ll also step into world of an ancient Italian witchcraft tradition – stregoneria –and connect with those who used to risk everything to remain true to themselves in a period of witch huntings.


Witchcraft titles
The colors used are mixed with a lot of pastels and the cards all have a brownish border and an extra one in another color. I don’t know yet if this has any function. (Otherwise: why oh why?). Every card has an English title and a Latin one. My guess is to tie it in with the Stregoneria. From the looks of it an oracular sentence or free flow might be possible with The Gospel of Aradia, instead of just a card for meditation or one advice-draw. That is promising.

On most cards the mysterious Aradia plays a role. A lot of eyes closed in the images though, probably to conceive the message of dreams or divinity… The story is fascinating, the (digital) art colorful, it seems to work as a true oracle, but I am still a little on the fence and can’t really say why. Maybe my wild self needs to come out to play…

Release: Blue Angel, April 2016, pre-orders can be taken on Amazon.