Upcoming: review Marchetti’s animated Kipper oracle

20 October 2015

aee60f4f11f3bcc91cfb9c9cc98d85e4Ciro Marchetti has a new deck coming out at the end of October, so the ones who ordered can expect a deck around the beginning of November. He’s designed an oracle deck based on the German system of Kipper cards. Marchetti’s kept the main system and numbering but added a few cards. Also, the visual setting is in the Victorian age. The designer has done something remarkable though; if you hold your smartphone over a card you’ll get to see an animation.

Frowned upon
Safe to say the popular deck maker has created an oracle that will either raise eyebrows or make people squee with glee.
Judging from – mainly – pictures and demo video’s I guess I will belong to the latter, but I’ll withhold final judgement until I’ve actually worked with them. The concept of moving pictures when you hold your smartphone over a card is at least groundbreaking in tarot and the oracle world. Ciro himself has already said he’s had some very nasty comments (and is no longer welcome in some ‘conservative’ Kipper circles, ai ai). But luckily there are also very positive ones, mostly from people who applaud a deck that comes with an app and who understand the oracle can still be used as a stand-alone. I for one can’t wait to see the final results and see what a deck with tech brings to the table.

Kipper: Fin de Siecle is momentarily at the printers, but Marchetti will start sending them out at the end of October probably. So hopefully before the end of 2015 I will have my review ready.