Moon Phase Calendar | App recommendation

8 April 2018

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It’s entirely free, looks pretty slick, works on your own location and has all the answers you need when you use the lunar cycle for divination. What’s this amazing piece of software, you say? I am talking about the entirely gratis Android (maybe on iPhone too, but can’t check) application called Moon Phase Calendar by ProbadoSoft.

You charge stones and cards in the Full Moon? With this app you’ll never have to wonder when that is. Are certain planets in particular signs important to your divining or actions: the app provides for you there too. Sun sign and zodiac signs of the lunar cycle are shown on different pages and you can even set alarms to be warned about the next Full or New Moon and to see in which sign we are ‘passing’.

A few of the screens with info you get to see:

Moon Phase Calendar zodiac signs
Moon Phase Calendar Moons
Moon Phase Calendar sunsigns

Most importantly: if you happen to love and work with The Moon Oracle by Caroline Smith and John Astrop, this handy little app can count as the ideal replacement for the companion guide and its phase tables. With a simple flick of your thumb you’ll cruise from screen to screen. No Moon Phase, lunar cycle, zodiac sign or element will remain a secret any longer, the app provides all.

Moon Phase Calendar Sun
Moon Phase Calendar apogee
Moon Phase Calendar lunar postion
Moon Phase Calendar sunset

 Find the Moon Phase Calendar app in the Play Store