Metaphysical business podcast

12 February 2016

Talk shop metaphysical businessThose with a spiritual practice or metaphysical business, whether that is tarot reading, divining with crystal balls or being a Reiki master, usually don’t especially entertain the pure business side of things. After all: times are better suited to help and heal people, right? Well, if only life was mainly colored flowers, unicorns and rainbows. Nope my friends: tax forms, insurance, rates, marketing… getting a headache already? Yeah, unfortunately the life of a metaphysical business owner is also that of an entrepreneur. Where to start? Have no fear, The Tarot Lady talks shop: how to get an online presence, raising your rates and more very useful tips by big names in the biz for those who run a spiritual business or metaphysical reading shop. All without mystic-babble. Straight shooters with special guests. What’s not to like?

Every month there’s a live podcast, where you can call in and ask questions. No time for that, or not in the US time zone? No worries either: here are some fun Talk Shop Archives to put your claws in. Hurrah!

Talk shop: talk metaphysical business tips.