Lenormand Tutorial | DonnaLeigh’s LenormandLessons

25 January 2016

DonnaLeigh Lenormand Tutorial videoSeek and ye shall find. In my case it was finding a good Lenormand tutorial. This weekend: score! I read tarot a lot and then it can be hard to put on a Lenormand-hat. In Lenormand a card can have a few meanings depending on its position in the spread, but it is the word that counts. Not the art, not the symbology on the card. A Rider is a Rider, it does not matter if in deck 1 it rains or in deck 2 he wears flaming red shoes (tarotists would definitely take that into account). Besides: it is just a new system to learn and with every new thing you need a good foundation. DonnaLeigh’s Tarot Tribe Beyond Worlds Lenormand Tutorial has a range of Lenormand video’s that will give you exactly that! From how to read the ‘glyphs’ of Lenormand, to how *not* to make a deck, read one cards, yes/no or the scary Grand Tableau. Want to channel Mme Lenormand, then check these out! I am sharing the one for those who need to take off their tarot-hat, but boy: once you are browsing through her channel you’ll go crazy with all the options (and her website is actually even better, a true treasure on learning Lenormand) Oh, be sure to count in some time, because the average video can be lengthy and before you know it, you’re watching 3 of them.

Lenormand Tutorial by DonnaLeigh