Filigree Tarot in Disney-style

6 March 2016
Filligree tarot Chariot

The Chariot – Filligree Tarot (unfinished)

Sometimes I think I am on social media too much, but then I find a gem like this and think ‘Nah…’. The Filigree Tarot is a Disney-look deck without the cloyingly sweet overlay and -hopefully- meanings.

From what I have seen so far Teo Hoble, the artist behind the “work in progress”, really tries to embed the Filigree Tarot deck not only into a decent tarot system (RWS), but makes the court cards more approachable by depicting them as their ‘possible job’ or Myer-Briggs/Keirsey scale type. Whether you are of the opinion that Myer-Briggs is an out-dated theory, it might prove very useful. After all, especially beginners could find it easier to make a connection to a deck if all symbolism has a link to ‘real life’ or known ‘archetypes’.

Filligree tarot Wands PoW

Princess of Wands in Filigree Tarot.

On her DeviantArt page the artists states that the cards draw heavily on the Waite-Smith deck, but that most imagery is derived from how she herself reads and how she sees the ‘meanings of the cards’, rather than traditional RWS- symbolism. That probably means that ‘traditionalists’ are no longer interested, but it definitely peeked my curiosity. Especially when I saw her Devil card. Some others are a little expected, but I have to say that I do immediately get her ‘in your face’ concept, like she describes it herself.

Hoble incorporates the elements by ‘little colored crystals’ hanging in the top corners of the cards, but I have to be honest. It is a system that I have not seen often, so I guess it is the elemental system of either the minority or the less vocal people (tarot communities can be vicious at times when you deviate from ‘the norm’).

Filligree tarot The Hermit
Filligree tarot High Priestess
Filligree tarot High Priestess
Filligree tarot Sun

This might be an issue for some, to read with a deck that follows a different elemental code, but I’d still like to see the Filigree Tarot come to fruition. Yes, there are plenty ‘cartoony’ (using her words, not mine) decks out there, but I get the feeling this one is different and it is ‘just her style’, not a deck where the art leads to sugar-coating.

Hopefully I can make a review happen on these pages!