Tarot Tracker & Journaling | Artist’s Advice
Artist's Advice , Books , Kipper , Lenormand , Tarot / 5 December 2017

In the monthly column Artist’s Advice divination authors and deck designers give their reading tips, divination techniques or unique essays to share their expertise and showcase a new release. This issue: Tarot Journaling | Tarot Tracker: A Year-Long Journey | Angelo Nasios “After the success of Tarot: Unlocking the Arcana I sat down to decide what my next project was going to be. It came to me, a tarot journal! If I could go back in time to the beginning of my tarot journey to do something different, I would journal more. I did attempt journaling, but that failed. Blank notebooks were uninspiring. They left me wanting. Printing out online PDF’s and creating a journal from a three-ringed binder was too much work for me. I wanted my journal to be elegant, beautiful and focused on the essentials of tarot journaling. Tarot Tracker: A Year-Long Journey is the tarot journal I wished I had from the beginning. The Tracker captures the macro and micro experiences in your tarot interactions throughout the year. The first essential task of the tracker is to figure out your Card of the Year, in 2018 I will be in an Emperor year. Using the included year…

The Card Geek’s Kipper Guide and Kipper deck: Pre-order+preview
Decks , Kipper , News / 9 October 2017

If you follow me on Eureka Readings (less active than this one, but linked to my practice) or are a friend you know I fell in love with Kipper about 2 years ago and have been certified in the traditional way of reading this 36-card system. But….good decks are seriously lacking. Especially ones that take into account which techniques are used in the Bavarian way of reading (where it originated). Not anymore! Toni Puhle just released her Kipper guide WITH accompanying deck to the world…for pre-order that is. The Card Geek’s Kipper deck and The Card Geek’s Guide to Kipper, both to be released on December 1st (so soon!). I was so excited, I used whatever info I could get from the newsletter, so forgive me for less quality pics and such. Later I will be able to add the good stuff…  Here you can see the first high quality pictures of cover and a few important cards from the deck. The Kipper goodies The book is a 200 page counting Kipper How To Guide. It starts with card meanings and moves on to how to get the most out of a Kipper read. Beginners and advanced readers can use…

Leiding Wahrsagekarten Kipper cover
Leiding Wahrsagekarten Kipper | Review
Decks , Kipper , Review / 23 April 2016

It is time for a little gem from Germany. Ever since Ciro Marchetti introduced Kipper into the Divination Community with his gorgeous Fin de Siecle, I have been a true fan of the system. A system that originates in the German speaking countries in Europe. So, it is logical to finally focus on one of the Kipper-specialists: Hildegard Leiding…